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Japan's candy company, Meiji, has been making chewing gum for ages. everytime i swing by Japan, the first thing i must get is a box of Xylish Hyper Cool. who knows how "Xylish" is pronounced, but it's Hyper Cool! there are other flavors, but the Black Hyper Cool is the only one for me. it's super minty and for first timers, it may be a little over board. but these gums last forever, and stay soft. i think having them is essential in Japan, after eating all that fishy food. other cool things to note are the individually wraps gum with expanding wrapper to disposed the chewed product, and collapsable boxes so that you can shrink unnecessary space. leave it to the Japanese to think of that! [equipbug]

XL box:
50 Cool Logomark

Shrinking Box!
Pic Box

"Cool" level Chart

photos courtesy of xylish.jp

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6:50 AM

I'm also the one who is so surprised that how can the manufacturor think of having a tiny papaer within the box. Other brands that I don't know might also have these papers...but this is the first I've found.

Mine is crystal mint. Have to try hyper cool next time^^    

5:52 AM

is it available in hk now? it seems great!    

11:28 AM

i've never seen the Hyper Cool in HK, but there are other Xylish flavors.    

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