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Review of Canon's SD 400

or... Ixus 50? or IXY 55? whatever you like to call it.... it's still one super camera. as i've received several requests to do this review, i hope it can clear up some questions on whether to purchase this over all the other super compacts out there.
Sd400 586X225
General perks: it's a 5MP, 3x optical zoomin, ultra compact, SD card burnin' camera with a 2 inch sharp screen. i've played with some of the other cameras with wider screens, but i think it makes no difference and when the larger screens are lower quality... there's really no point. this camera has several cool functions, including Color Swap and Color Highlight. i'll talk about those two in greater details later. otherwise, it has the basic "indoor, night shot, sports, etc etc". another funky thing is the skin lightening and darkening features for those who want a tan, or others who want to be whiter. leave it to the japanese to think of things like that. the other plus is the fact that it has a view finder. why is that useful? because often times i'm out traveling where i don't want to be constantly charging the batteries, so i can save a lot of energy by turning off the screen.
the menu system. it's intuitive, but i think it can be slightly advanced for some people. there are so many options and so many ways to flip through your photos. you can skip 1 at a time, 10 and a time, 100 at a time, skip to next movie, to the next marker... etc. you can also view 9 at a time and scroll through like that. some of the more basic functions like viewing the photo after a shot has been added so that you don't have to flip to "PLAY" everytime... and the LCD monitor has a brightening function for night time viewing. I also found a screen saver that you can see different colored patterns of the time... it's not in the booklet, but somehow i accidently happened upon this. battery life? around 250 shots before i had to charge it up again, and that's using the LCD, but infrequent flash. this camera is SMALL. it fits perfectly in my pocket and i take it with me everywhere. i would recommend this camera to anyone in need of a fast, stylish and compact camera which takes good photos.

[click to Enlarge]

Super cool:
1. the tiny flash is powerful. sometimes too powerful, but you will get used to the different modes of uses.
2. a view finder.... i don't think any digital camera should be without one. forget Sony's T33 or Panasonic's F7... they have no viewfinder and it's totally dependent on the LCD to drain the batteries while you try to compose a simple snap shot.
3. this camera has decent underwater housing package and i'm dying to go diving and surfing with it.
4. the video (with audio) is 30 FPS.... amazing. but... the files will get huge.
5. this camera uses DIGIC II chip! what more can you ask for? this means the camera is ultra fast (and i concur), it's accurate and all the super expensive SLR cameras use the same chip. you can pay thousands for a digital SLR and get the same chip, but the SD400 is only around 300 USD now.
6. many customizable options. i downloaded themes for my camera and they are quite fun to play with. there's even an option where you can record your own voice or sound to use as the start up or any other camera sound. like the self timer.
7. fast start up time, fast shot to shot times. very fast... this is really one of the fastest i've seen. forget timing it... it's just the feel which i like.
8. the color swap: this is where you can choose any color and change it for any other color you choose. i'll post some samples below.
9. the color accent: this is where you can choose a color and have everything else in black and white. (Canon's Samples HERE)
10. takes great photos. but don't expect it to perform with no purple fringing.

Not so Cool:
1. the case scratches easily. (don't use the strap it comes with)
2. menu options are not for absolute beginners although point and shooters will be able to use the basic functions without much trouble.
3. uses proprietary batteries... which means if you run out of juice, you're out.

Conclusion:I can't really think of more than 3 reasons not to buy this camera. it's really the most fun and hi tech compact camera out there. the specs are impressive, and you can find them HERE. but the main point is that you can use this anywhere and anytime, but at the same time it produces great photos and some fun color alterations. See samples below. Bottom line: So Dope!

Color Accent: the green chairs are the only Colored objects, everything else is B&W
my messy desk, highlighting yellow
12741903 A8D21Fabbb12741900 Dfd331Cbc5

Color Swapping: the trays, bowls and chairs are RED, but i swapped them to Yellow.
12741902 5C74482548

for more information check HERE:

photos courtesy of [equipbug], www.canon.com, and S.L. for modeling.
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12:44 PM

Nice and detailed review of this MUST BUY digital camera. Fully agree with Equipbug and I think I am gonna get one too!
The camera is tiny and with a very nice outlook. It has functions that other compact DC don't have and Canon has always been famous for the high quality pics that their camera produces.

Check the price in Mongkok the other day and it's HK$2350 - a very good bargain eh?    

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