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Monkey Bags for Monkey's Mac

A reader recently emailed me with a response to my previous article on Laptop bags. She is evidently a freelancer living in Thailand who has started to sell her hand-made, reversible laptop cases for Macs (by the name of Monkey Bags). in her Comment, she mentions that she can custom-make any sizes to fit. sounds like a nice idea. in fact she uses Blogspot as well, check out the site HERE. and email her for details on price. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
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photos from MonkeyBag
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8:16 AM

Can you do a review on a case that would protect your laptop from some heavy hitting? Example: My buddy had his laptop in his laptop backpack on the floor. Someone walked by and stepped on it. 'Crunch!' Broken screen. I was wondering if you have, or would do a review on a bad with an incorporated hard case, or the like. Not a briefcase, more like a backpack with one. Something trendy too, like all the stuff you review, it has to have class! Thanks.    

8:17 AM

Oh yeah, these bags are cool looking. Too bad I don't have a 'mactop'. I'd buy one.    

8:28 AM

Hope you don't mind, I also posted it in my blog. So interesting that it's made by Thai!    

9:15 PM

Ooh! I'm so excited, I love attention. I'm going to be shipping out my first MonkeyBag this afternoon - to a Sony owner who's recently moved to Uzbekistan. Its the Sony Vaio with the 13.3" screen, just slightly larger than the 12" ibook. So we can make bags for non-mac laptops, too. We just need the model and dimensions. I hop on down to the local mall to test that the size is correct. Everyone who works there thinks I'm wacko, but that's okay.

We've changed our design ever so slightly, and we're using a thicker silk now, so new photos will be posted this evening.

Since we're just getting off the ground here, people who order by email will get an extra special pre-retail price.

Oh, yeah, we've also got matching bags for iPods now, too!    

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