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it's SolLight!

hanging on the same theme of solar power (stay green!), i introduce the SolLight water bottle. these days, i see many people using their indestructible Nalgene bottles for anything from watching TV, to going to the Gym. i've been using one for nearly 15 years and i must say that they really ARE indestructible. well, times are changing and so do waterbottles. the SolLight is a solarpowered LED light emitting water bottle. there are so many cool uses of this, especially during camping when the LED light can either emit bright white light to guide you to the next tree to relieve your bladder at night, or switch to the red LED for nigth vision and lighting up the tent. the red light can last up to 16 hours on a full charge(12 hours) via the Sun or any light in that case. the bottle is machine washable and a quick charge of 4 hours will allow you "hours of use. LED's are the best thing to happen to camping gear.. i can't get enough of such Bright ideas. [equipbug]

two lighting modes, red and white LED light. 24.95 USD (of course it's water proof!)
[click for Larger images]

Lightcap-White Lightcap-Table9
Lightcap At Night 01 Lightcap-Map1
Img 7034 Lightcap12
photos courtesy of www.sollight.com
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5:16 PM

This is awesome too!!!!!    

9:31 PM

this is exactly what i need!    

5:59 AM

can't resist it, i'm getting one~
bug, do you want one as well?    

9:04 AM

i can get you one if i go over to the US.    

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