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Tiger on the prowl

if you have not heard about it, there's really little i can say. the new Mac OS X is coming, codenamed "TIGER" and this one is going to be totally mind boggling. I've purchased the Jaguar, then the Panther and have always been happily surprised to find all the new features. my favorite being "espose" which has allowed me to keep the messy desktop efficient and even in a 12 inch screen i can have over a dozen windows open but feel that i can find each one in an instant. the new features to note in TIGER would be "spotlight" and "dashboard" but i'm really looking forward to the new iChat with 3 way video conference. the reflection and screen being angled is pure genious. i am still confused by people who complain that Macs are difficult to use, because there is no way it can be any easier and intuitive. the screens are beautiful and from the hardware to the operating system there is unmatched thought put into each item. i amy be biased but i have not turned on my PC desktop ever since i purchsed my iBook and moved onto my powerbook. there is too much to say about TIGER, but check out the website www.apple.com you will be happily surprised to see that there IS another option out there and Windows... is old news. let's see how the belated "Longhorn" holds up when it eventually comes out, but one thing is definite and that's the most advanced OS to date is the Mac OSX. people will still oooh and ahhh when windows gets an upgrade, but that's because they ain't seen nothin yet. by the way, pirated copies have been spotted in hong kong's Wan Chai 298, 1st floor. sold for about 6USD's, these are always real but highly illegal, take your own risk with the police. hmm. i wonder how the OS leaked out? well, hope Apple learns not to use cheap labor in China to do their dirty work... pay up, or get pirated. wait... actually it'll get pirated anyway. [equipbug] check out: www.equipian.blogspot.com for more funky stuff
(iChat AV)
(dashboard and automator)
photo courtesy of www.apple.com
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2:07 AM

hey.. you cant blame the newbies of mac for complaining. its very frustrating to not being able to work out the simplest task on your new computer. of course once u get the hang of it its really2 simple and more effecient. but the first week i got my ibook i wanted to throw it out the window! now i cant live without it. but i'm sure there are more 'simple' things on this thing that i am not aware about. but i'm not sure how tiger can improve my life though..    

8:09 AM

I'm also one of who is counting down the release date of Tiger. What I really expect is the widget thing. I used Konfabulator before and really fond of it, but have to stop when it's upgraded and charged. Luckily, Apple developed it and included it in Tiger!

ps. the pirated version in Thailand is cheaper :) (but i definitely won't buy it)    

5:00 AM

UPDATE: the pirate store was closed down temporarily today, MONDAY Apr. 18th. what's up? but it will be back in action, it always is.    

5:01 AM

equipmania, yeah.. once you get used to OS X, there's no turning back... unless they fry your iPod! or... they stop making any improvements to the G5 chipset.    

3:11 AM

Thanks for the update, let us know if you can get photos!    

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