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shuffled up.

i got my hands on the 1GB iPod Shuffle for about a month now and use it when i do anything active and worry about damaging my iPod's hard disk. that being said, the Shuffle has advantages in being a flash based music player and i don't worry about it during my cycling or skating romps. I also use it to "borrow" files off of other computers, as a USB key. the advantages end there, as i still prefer my iPod in terms of music sound quality, selection and ease of use. not having a screen is less of an annoyance as i expected as i don't look for particular songs while i exercise anyway. but that limits my use of the Shuffle to rigorous activities, on top of which the plastic scratches easily. i have no case for it, so i wrapped it in a chewing gum cover (P.K. by Wrigleys, fits perfectly). The battery life is decent and out paces my 3G iPod by a mile. Coupled with the in ear phones by Apple (www.apple.com), the Shuffle makes for a decent, action packed, music on the go player.
The good: small size, can be roughed up, not too pricey, good sound.
The bad: They should be even cheaper though, being made in China and of cheap white plastic, no screen, scratches very easily.

Oh well, i'm a sucker for gadgets. [equipbug]

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