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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

ps. PSP.

i've been playing around with my PSP since i bought it last year in Osaka. The stock was short, but luckily, so was the line up. The stores restock their toys for January 3rd, when kids get pocket money and spend it after the holidays. i was lucky enough to pop in and grab a PSP, along with some games.
my PSP started with a drab grey screen in Jan, changing to yellow in Feb, green in Mar. and now Pink Red in April. nice little touch. what's the next color? who cares...

anyway, all i can say is that the PSP out scores any other handheld. i'm not a fan of the PlayStation, never owned one never owned two. XBOX all the way. but this PSP just might change my mind. i've connected it up to my Apple Powerbook via USB cord and loaded photos, videos as well as music onto the memory stick duo. anyway, for a review of the PSP, there must be hundreds online. so basically, all i can say is that after 3 months with it, i would recommend everyone to just check it out, it will amaze you.
Games i have include, みな no Golf (awesome port), Puzzle Bobble Pocket (not so hot), Mobile Train simulator (for those really boring days when you want to look at the awesome scenery around tokyo, Puyo Pop Fever (brings me back to college days of Puyo Puyo), and ピポサル アカデミア (quit monkeying around, get this party game).
the Good: graphics top notch, battery is not too bad at 5 hours, sound is awesome, even without the crap headphones they include, functionalily and ease of use (i got online for updates within 5 minutes), portability (it's a little long but who cares i don't carry a purse), screen size is huge!, the list goes on.
the Bad: there are so few, but perhaps the limited number of games out (at the moment), no built in web browser (yet), and those Memory stick Duos are so damn expensive.

bottom line: just look it this.. can you resist? [equipbug]

Photo Courtesy of Sony Playstation online Japan.
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