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Product Review 01: Sony Ericsson Z800

As requested, I'll do a special review since I am now an owner of the SonyEricsson Z800 phone. This model, although exclusively made for Vodafone, are now available in Hong Kong, imported and unlocked for normal 3G usage on other networks.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This phone definitely looks attractive enough, I bought the one with the "refrigerator" white casing (japan only product), for your friends to drool over the first couple of times they see you with it. The solid looks does not translate well to solid feel though. With most SE phones, they feel too plastic. With the exception of the P900 series, all the SE phones I have owned and used seems to squeak when you squeeze it slightly. The menu system is exactly the same as any other recent SE phone except P900 of course. Buttons' touch and size are both good.

FEATURES: Z800 features a reasonable sized screen and a second colour display which shows the contact picture for incoming calls, which is nice. The MS duo slot can support 1Gb cards now, not that that's any use, as if you would really take pictures with this phone, or even store videos in it. There are more specific products for doing such thingswith much much higher quality. The 1.3 Megapixel camera is situated on the top when the phone is closed and in the middle of the "flip" when the phone is open. One thing I always found annoying with many other phones was when you want to take a picture, the lens is so dusty and greasy from being kept in jeans pocket that the picture quality is seriously impaired. The Z800's camera can be turned to face the inside of the phone, so that it doesn't get dusty. the camera also features a bright "flashlight" that night shots can be taken at ease, as shown below. This flashlight acts very well as a touch.

Bright flashlight creates nice night shots.

GRUNTS: After having the phone for a week, the build quality got me. The flip suddenly stopped working. It neither cuts or pick up the line. The most annoying thing was that the second display on the outside of the phone does not activate since it did not realize that the flip was closed. I had to take it back to the store and got it fixed. Now it's working fine. I also found that the battery power drains very quickly when not in standby mode.

PROS: good looks, bright light
CONS: build quality, Battery life

WISHES: I can't wait till the day when Sony release a product that can play games(PSP), listen to music (network walkman), surf the net (VIAO) and be used as a phone. [equipnote]
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9:44 AM

don't we all wish for that. but the PSP comes pretty close as i know it will be able to surf the web soon , plays games and has music. (not very much memory though unfortunately)    

11:38 AM

and one other thing... who is that in our blog page? never seen that girl before!    

11:54 AM

ah ha.    

6:51 AM

be happy you HAVE a Z800! hahaha. so many complaints!    

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