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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Hup Two Three Four

Juicy tools too manly and big for you? Then maybe what you’re looking for is a Miss Army. They are a fresh take on the conventional Swiss Army knives; “Miss Army” comes with a knife, scissors, key chain, ruler, needle & thread (to sew up that hem on your skirt), safety pin (when your sewing job on your skirt hem botches up), nail file (always a necessity), tweezers (think emergency brow grooming), perfume (for whenever and wherever you want to spray your favorite fragrance), flashlight (useful for digging around in your purse when looking for your lipstick), bottle opener (who knows when you’ll be in the mood for a little alchy?), corkscrew (Dom or Cris, anyone?), pill box (handy for holding your Tylenol for the hangover you'll have the next day after all that alcohol), pen (to write down your digits for that hottie you shared your Dom with), and mirror (for that quick last minute look over when you go on that date with the hottie that called you!).

available at www.shopintuition.com


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11:06 AM

wow... finally a girl's voice on equipian. i never knew a tool was needed for such purposes. i like the "real life" situational clarifications on the function of each tool... i would never have thought of that!    

11:07 AM

or i mean "another" girl's voice.. since there were previous posts already, haha.    

2:52 AM

gee... thanks a LOT for that bug! too bad i'm not a 'girly girl' cause this thing looks cute otherwise..    

5:05 AM

that's why i meant another girl. hahaha.    

5:51 AM

but who needs a manicure set while diving and climbing anyways :)    

6:30 AM

hmm. i think you missed the point of this miss army. it's NOT for climbing and diving... it's just a spin off of the swiss army. i would expect people put this in their handbag or book bag... it's a cosmopolitan tool. not a survival tool. well. ok... cosmosurvival... maybe.    

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