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신 라 면: hot hot hot!

this is one of my favorite instant noodles from korea. actually, korea makes the best instant noodles anyway. i also like their dry noodles, but this soup based, super spicy noodle is top notch. it debuted in 1986, facts: 240 kcal, 12 g carbo, 44 mg sodium, 20g of fat, and 2 servings per pack). so, what makes one instant noodle better than another? well, the noodles, first of all, have to be springy and not doughy. they should involve chewing and not fall apart when you put it in your mouth. when cooked perfectly, the 신 라 면 are just that. now for the spicy bit, if you like kimchi, this is very similiar. it's spicy as hell and the best way to keep yourself awake for late nights. i'd suggest eating this with a raw egg cracked into the soup once you have mixed everything else. the egg will cook and the yolk improves the taste 100 fold. highly recommended, but don't say i didn't warn you first. it's hot hot hot! [equipbug]

[UPDATE] this supposedly also goes well with melted cheese! thanks 민경!

photo courtesy of eng.nongshim.com
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9:46 AM

dont you love your tastebuds anymore, that thing will kill them all.. its damn hot... but in your old age, u probably dont have many taste buds left huh equipbug...    

9:49 AM

love it!
gets better with age!    

10:01 AM

mmm......I wonder how old equipmania is.....    

10:01 AM

However old it is, it's still such a party in my mouth! I feel like I could get arrested for eating stuff this good!    

10:02 AM

You just got treated by my renegade campaign to save Arrested Development! Go get arrested .    

10:08 AM

u need to try the real shinramyeon, the nongshim is made in china now, doesnt taste the same anymore as it was first released :(

the original one is "an seong ra myeon" (mandarin: an1 cheng2 ra1 mian4) in orange package, also from nongshim
THAT is the dope i dig    

10:48 AM

yeah, i get you samuel. had the original and that is dope. but damn this is already too damn hot!    

1:52 AM

i am young enough to have all my tastebuds still intact equipnote.. did u try the noodles? my tongue was numb for hours!    

2:44 AM

Wow, just tried out the Cheese idea, it's awesome. thanks!    

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