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Gift Guide: Mother's Day, Part 2

Here's Part 2 of the Gift Guide for Mother's Day. If your Mommy didn't fit into any of the categories in Part 1 or none of those gifts seemed to catch your attention, then maybe these will do (If not, I'll write a Part 3!):

for the Sporty Mommy:
(I know that this was included in Part 1, but I just couldn't resist!)

Workout Wear by Stella McCartney for Adidas
Stella McCartney (ex Chloe designer who now has her own line) teamed up with Adidas to produce gym wear that is so hot and sexy that it can be worn as streetwear as well. It's time to raid Mommy's closet and throw out those baggy Ts and spandex shorts from the 80s! Who wouldn't want to work out in outfits like these?!

for the Mommy who loves to Entertain:

Vesta Pillar Candleholder by Vera Wang
A room's ambiance can be quickly changed with the help of candles. These elegant and aesthetically pleasing candleholders will be a great for any candlelit occasion.
(A set of two may be better, especially for Buddhists, because 3 candles has an unlucky connotation)

Martini Glasses by Salviati
Salviati, reknown Venetian glassmakers, have been creating glassware since 1859. Get mommy a set of martini glasses so she can show off some of Italy's finest.

"Hollywood Glam" Platter by Jackie Shapiro
This platter is from Shapiro's 'French Bulldog' Collection. Perfect for serving red carpet party worthy apetizers to the glitzy and fabulous.

for the Musical Mommy:

Season Tickets to the Symphony
Is Mommy a Bach fiend, Chopin devotee or Elgar addict? Then she's sure to appreciate season tickets to your local symphony or philharmonic! Give Mommy the gift of earful after earful of classical bliss this year.
(Honolulu-ers: Be sure to catch musical director Samuel Wong for an experience of a lifetime!)

Music Lessons
Did Mommy never get a chance to take piano, violin, harp, digideroo (yes, there are actually people out there who play this!) or voice lessons, etc.? There is bound to be private teachers or a music school where Mommy can expand her musical horizons. Remember back in the day when she would say 'Practice Practice Practice because practice makes perfect.'? Well... now its her turn!

for the Green-Thumbed Mommy:

6-Piece Ergonomic Gardening Tool Set by Brookstone
Pruning the roses and tending to the tulips is hard work and its even harder on the joints. Each tool in this set comes with a special grip and won't cause wrist strain. Help Mommy enjoy her hobby more by being able to spend more time in her garden.

"Beach Lady" Hat by Kelly Christy
Long hours in the sun can do massive damage to Mommy's skin. This wide brimmed hat would be just the thing to keep the rays out while working in the backyard. I'll bet all the neighbors will be wanting to know where Mommy got that hat.
for the Arts & Crafts Loving Mommy:

Subscription to "Living" by Martha Stewart
Every month, Martha Stewart & Co. come out with a new magazine which has recipes, arts & crafts and all sorts of things which have to do with the current season or holiday. Mommy can have a new project every month to keep her busy!


Sessions at "Spark Crafts" Studio & Boutique
If you're lucky enough to be living in Boston, drive or take the red line with Mommy over to Davis Square in Somerville (home of Tufts University) and introduce her to Spark Crafts. This innovative store has materials and ideas for any craft that she might want to do. And if Mommy likes it, she can also bring her friends and have a party there!

Artisan Wood Painting Table
This is a painter's wish come true!! There are so many attractive parts to this table: large storage slots for brushes, a tempered glass top that can be used as a mixing board, ample drawer space and and wheels (which means it can be rolled around to whichever room Mommy feels like painting in)!!

for the Outdoorsy Mommy:

Weekend Warrior Gift Set by Brave Solider from Wishing Fish
Does your Mommy live from moment to moment and can't get enough adrenalin rushing through her body? Then get her this so that you won't have to worry about her the next time she's out climbing a mountain or scaling the side of a skyscraper. The set includes: Solar Shield (SPF 28 to keep her skin fair), Lip Defense (SPF 15), First Defense (wound spray), Antiseptic Healing Ointment and a Crash Pak (everything you need for cuts and scrapes).
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8:10 AM

wow... so many cool things. what to get? the gifts are so posh, any prices? how about a guide to a more "budget" gift? hahaha. anyway, i really like that artisan table... now I wish i was a mom on mothers' day.    

5:51 PM

Hi.. greetings from equibug's friend..
these presents are quite irresistable indeed (though they do exude a sense of costliness- prices are a priority in consideration). The artisan table is a personal fav, but I was wondering where the Adidas outfit is available for sale- they look more like mum's cup of tea.    

7:29 PM

hi elfe sous pluie
if you are in the states, you can visit your local nordstrom, bloomies, adidas store or other retailers that carry adidas.
if not, you can go to this website: http://www.adidas.com/campaigns/women/content/stella/index.asp?country=us
and check out which stores carry stella mccartney.    

5:37 PM

thanx equiplicious!!!
the design are soooo sexy and gorgeous...
puhahah.. unfortunately.. the nearest shop is in guangzhou! nevertheless the website still looks cool    

1:45 PM

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