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Gift Guide: Mother's Day, Part 1

Mother's Day is coming up in a little more than a week, on May 8! I bet many of you are wracking your brains trying to figure out what you should get Mommy this year. Let's move away from the conventional flowers and chocolates this year, shall we? Here are some ideas I've come up with...
for the Business-y & No Nonsense Mommy:

Birkin bag from Hermes
Spacious enough to hold folders and important documents, but stylish and elegant (this bag was originally designed for Princess Grace of Monaco!) at the same time.

for the Travelling Mommy:

Knee Defender from Right Brain, Ltd., LLC

You are probably thinking "What in the world are these?!" These, my friend, are something that are slipped onto the legs of the tray table so that the person sitting in front cannot recline and squish Mommy's legs. Perfect for Moms with long legs or who are frequent flyers.

for the Mommy Who Loves to Cook/Bake:

Apron from Jessie Steele
Jessie Steele has created aprons that can be worn not only inside but outside of the kitchen too! What Mommy wouldn't want to show off her beautiful Cherry apron? Or if cherries aren't her thing, you can choose from red floral, roses, black, gingham, multi-striped and more.


Pink Limited Edition Artisan Series Stand Mixer from KitchenAid "Cook for the Cure"

Now you can buy Mommy a present and donate to a good cause at the same time! For every mixer you buy, KitchenAid will donate $100 dollars to breast cancer research. The pink color is cute to boot and I'm sure Mommy will appreciate her new 10 speed toy!

for the Sporty Mommy:

Yoga Bag from Wishing Fish
Plenty of Mom's these days are interested in keeping fit and maintaining their shape. And how do they keep themselves this way? Yoga!! Here's a canvas bag that can hold a mat, clothes, a water bottle, towel and more! There is even a side pocket that might come in handy for holding keys or a gym card. Mommy not into yoga? Don't worry, this bag can also be used as a regular gym bag.

More gift ideas coming in Part 2!


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5:09 AM

almost makes me wish i was a mommy...    

5:24 AM

Can't wait for Part 2    

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