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Finally! FPS for PSP [updated]

can't really think of a title for this post at the moment. i don't want to do another PSP game post, but... really psyched about this newly announced FPS. at least the webpage is brand new. the graphics and everything looks awesome, and it's a FPS. i think the game is based on some virtual reality world, where you can arm yourself with different virtual weapons, killing virtual enemies. sounds lame, but who cares! there will be first person as well as multiplayer modes, and seems like the weapons you collect in single player mode will be carried onto the mulitplayer platform. and of course, this will work over WiFi, locally as well as over broadband. the last game i remember playing from Konami was... back in the 80's. can't wait, dope! for a video click HERE!
in multiplayer, it is compatible with up to 4 players, using independant mulitplayer maps and different gaming modes. in addition there are 30 different weapons to frag with, random map generation (increases replayability)in the single player mode. this game is looking better and better. HOT! [equipbug]

photos courtesy of www.konami.jp
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10:29 PM

nick, yes it's obvious, let's hope that it's not another hoax (cuz they do occur in real life not only in virtual reality lol) *palpates to confirm*

sheesh man, never knew ur into PSP and all those gears.
really cool.
im planning to get my own psp too when they release in hk may12, during exams, BAD idea i know, but can't wait :D    

3:30 AM

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.    

3:31 AM

hey sam.
haha, thought you were samuel ling!
no wonder you asked me.
anyway, yeah i love gadgets, got the PSP in Osaka during EAMSC! awesome.    

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