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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!


Do you have any news for us? Is there something you want to see here? what do you like and dislike?. Since our team of writers are from different parts of the globe, we are able to cover a greater variety. Please make a comment under this post, Your every word counts!
Thank you for your support. [EQUIPIANS]
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10:16 PM

Someone suggested cell phones. since you have one of the newest out there, you can do a review of it. in fact, i don't even think the Z700 is out in most places yet.    

1:48 AM

i think its great that we have 4 different personallities which uses different 'equipments of life' so that our readers get a broad perspective is things that write about that reflects each of us differently. some simple things we dont think about much like boxer shorts and sox and there are some high profile gadgets that we simply cannot resist having like latest cameras and phones. who doesnt want the softest cottons and the coolest phones. but in the end, the things we need and the things we want are just things that make our life easier, more comfortable.. and do i dare say happier?    

2:11 AM

deeeeeeep thoughts by equipmania...    

2:56 AM

in my defense.. i was high on coffee!! hmmm    

4:46 AM

yes, so the question is what is the most important equipment for you....    

12:34 PM

What about having some reviews on PC notebooks? I know equipbug is not a big fan of PCs, so I guess the others might have to take up the job?    

1:32 PM

very observant. not a big windows person. but there are PC users among us. i think?    

8:32 AM

being the only girl here doesnt leave me much room to write about girly gadgets. so if there is any female reader who have any suggestions or any guy who is 'interested' to know anything about equipments for girls do let me know, maybe i can come up with something. otherwise i think most things in here are pretty ambiguous, except for the sheseido men and equipbug's boxer shorts!    

11:08 PM

Where did you get that Calcifer?    

2:14 AM

First of all, I would like to say that I really like this blog. I have to log in and check if there's something new everyday. It's like reading a magazine for me...with a true review from true customers!
I'm interested in the gadgets, so this is enough for me. But as equipmania suggested, girl items are also interesting eg. cosmetics, cloths, cute brands etc. Anyway, food and music are also what I like but I'm not sure if it's under the theme 'Equipment for life'.    

12:49 PM

Calcifer was bought in Japan actually. Probably quite difficult to find elsewhere. But I bet you you might be able to find something similar on ebay!    

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