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350? XT? Rebel? Kiss? it's a Canon

This is something i've always been expecting and waiting for. the 8 mega pixel resolution, the faster start up time, the faster response, the smaller casing, the improved engine, and over all better camera. the new Canon 350D is the perfect SLR camera to date. my favorite part? the sub $1000 price tag. i would get an upgraded lens to compliment this kick ass camera. i've been using EOS for over a decade and just a big fan of Canon SLRs, but never really owned a digital SLR because of the insane price, slow speeds, clumsiness and over all bulk. Now, the 350D (or XT) has changed it all! for a super review, check out www.dpreview.com (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canoneos350d/). now, how will i save up for this camera before summer vacation begins? [equipbug]

Photo Courtesy of www.dpreview.com
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6:14 AM

i have an eos300d, and i can tell u that it's the best piece of gadget i have ever owened. camera quality blows all non-dslr cameras away. the only complaint is the lack of AF assist lamp, tho manual focus is still handy, and digital noise at ISO800 is lower than some compact cameras at ISO100 !!

have a few lense, going to get a lensbaby (www.lensbabies.com) and mount it on my eos baby. double baby whoah my mama!

eos350d? highly recommended, 300d is good enough tho, and it's not THAT slow, it's already faster than a lot of prosumer digicams anyway. 300d has lower digital noise at all ISO too.    

9:57 AM

i'm already envious all over... i wouldn't mind a 300D!
one day... one day.    

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